Our Values

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We don’t care if you’re a size 8 or a size 16. We don’t care if you’re beach BODY ready, if you’re strong is the new skinny is the new black is the new white ….

We care that you feel good in your skin, in your mind and in your heart. That you have energy, clarity, and focus when you need it. That you feel confident, happy and secure. That you can switch off from the chaos, the stress, the speed of every day living, and find space in your life.

Maybe it’s the act of tuning in at yoga, maybe it’s the adrenalin of a great work out, the pumping party tunes and the freedom to let loose. Maybe it’s pushing yourself to your limits or maybe it’s the act of slowing down. There is no one size fits all. Find what makes you shine, and make it a priority in your life. Better still make it a habit.

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel". - Maya Angelou


Our space is a creative space which will help provide the infrastructure needed to grow the local dance industry. We hope to offer dance residencies and attract professional dancers and companies, and to support our local dance professionals through space to create and rehearse.

We would love to hear from dancers or companies interested in using our space and we have lots of exciting plans for the future to help boost the creative dance scene locally. We are also interested in multi media, cross art from and partnership projects.

As important as it to for our space to be accessible to all, we also value providing opportunities for those who wish to progress and excel in dance and aim to offer a pathway for those wishing to follow a career in this industry.


Community is at the heart of what we do. Whether you’re new to the place, just visiting or born and bred here, you are welcome in our space.

The Hebrides are known for their sense of community, generosity, kindness. Our space is a place for true connection and interaction. We love seeing friendships form, and running events that bring people together through love of movement. It is our belief that everyone should have access to dance, wellbeing and fitness classes and that everyone can benefit from safe movement. We aim to provide classes for all members of our local community and are always on the look out for new classes, teachers and partnerships that can help us do this.

Find your tribe, love them hard.

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