Getting started online

If you're new to online classes here are some hints and tips to help you get started and know what to expect.

How it works

To book an online class select any class that has ONLINE in the title from our booking system.

Once you have booked and paid you will receive an automatic email from Glofox, our booking system. Please check your junk / spam for this as it contains the link you'll need for taking part in the class. You can use this to access the class (please see below for more info on how to use Zoom).

What happens next?

Set the scene as best as possible for your class. If you're doing Yoga try to create a quiet space (if possible) and you may want to use some oils or quiet music to set the scene. For Zumba you'll need to make sure you have plenty space to move around.

Grab any props that you like to use - a mat for yoga or Pilates, a chair or worktop for barre, and any small props e.g. a rolled up towel to use as a head pillow, a yoga strap, yoga block, or stretchy band and light weights are useful for a lot of classes. We'll keep you posted on what you might need, but it's handy to have a selection - you are also able to purchase these items directly from the studio.

Using Zoom

To use Zoom - please download the app ahead of class and sign in. You can practice accessing the class ahead of time if you're unsure. You can access the class 10 minutes ahead of start time which you can use to get set up or to connect with the other participants. For many of us this is a really important part of the process and provides important social interaction.

You can choose to be visible or invisible. When the class starts I'll mute all participants so that you have clear sound.

If you have any injuries or medical conditions that may affect your ability to take part please let me know before class. There is also a private chat facility that you can contact me on during the class.

If you wish to take part but can't do the class in real time please let me know ahead of classas we often record classes and may be able to share with you. Members will have automatic access to recordings through the private community page.

More hints and tips for the best online experience

To get the most from the class, a larger screen - laptop/tablet, works best. If you have smart TV you can also stream it to your tv screen.

A phone also works just fine. You can download the Zoom app beforehand to save time. Make sure you have plenty of battery!

When you receive the email with the Zoom link you can join the class, try to join 5-10 minutes before so that we can all say hello and troubleshoot any sound issues. This may not be possible for all classes.

When you join, your audio will automatically be off & muted. Please double check you are muted (microphone icon).

You can switch your video on, which means the teacher (and everyone else participating) can see you, turn this off if you would prefer no one to see you.

It’s helpful to have the teachers screen, pinned as your biggest screen, you can alter this, if you want to check in with any of your pals at the start of class.

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