Our Classes for adults


Whether you're looking for an uplifting start to your day, a wind down at the end of the week, or a flowing sequence to stretch and move your whole body, we have a range of classes to suit you. All classes use the breath and mindful movement to create space in your body and mind, and help you to let go of everyday stress and tension.


Mat exercises to condition your entire body, blending strength and flexibility training to improve posture and create long, lean muscles. This deep core strengthening combined with mindful stretching, coordination, control and balance is what makes Pilates so unique. Modifications will be available throughout and we have 4 sessions a week aimed at different levels.

Zumba Fitness

Pretty much the most awesome workout ever. Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realising it. Put up the volume, make some space and bring the party directly to your living room!


A total-body barre workout with dynamic strength exercises, cardio bursts, and fiery holds. Taking inspiration from yoga, pilates and ballet, this class combines upper body strengthening work with lower body toning and core work. Finishing with a delicious full body stretch to help you unwind and ease tension. We also offer a Gentle Barre class to improve lower body stretngth, balance and posture.

Total Body HIIT

Push yourself out of your comfort zone with this full body endurance class which will get your heart rate high and your body sweating as you move through some high intensity training before finishing with targeted conditioning.

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