Soft-starts, wintering and your time to shine

I first started using the term “soft-start” on our winter yoga retreat last January. The weekend started  6pm Friday welcome class. Knowing most of the participants were coming from work or a days’ travelling, I suggested a soft start to allow a more gradual transition from office / packing / driving mode, to switching off […]

Black Friday Woes, Colour Friday Wins

Black Friday Woes, Colour Friday Wins I love a bargain, but I hate the pressure of time ltd offers, the FOMO, the mass panic buying. I want to save money and I love a special offer. But I hate the consumerism and commercialism and the ethos of Black Friday. Black Friday has us spending more […]

Adventures in vans

Adventures in vans I’ve just returned from an incredible adventure – touring around Spain and France with my family in a motorhome for 3 weeks. Motorhomes aren’t new to me. I grew up in a van family – it was our livelihood and our lifestyle. The story goes that as a young, newly married couple, […]

On being perfect, or just being done

One of the maxims I live and work by is this: “Done is better than perfect”. It has got me started (and finished) on many an occasion. It really came into play when the pandemic hit and we moved our in-person business online within a matter of days. We knew it wasn’t perfect – it […]