How getting up earlier can change your life

My day used to begin with chaos. Chasing kids. Grown ups shouting. Kids crying. Looking for things. Rushing breakfast. Dishes left in the sink. Rushing out the door feeling harassed. My introduction to early mornings was basically insomnia. When I had a lot of work on or things that were stopping me sleeping I started […]

Me, my phone and a digital detox

Why I have gave up social media for a week Last week I gave up Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp for 7 days. There is loads of evidence out there for why and how phones and social media are hurting us and pretty much everyone I know wants to cut down their phone usage. We all have […]

A year of Sandwickhill Studios

It’s our one year anniversary… ish. It has resonance in truth but but it’s all a bit blurry as Covid prevented any big official openings (although we had planned for end of April), and in truth it actually prevented us completely finishing for some time after. We did, however, have our brand launch party on […]

Cheating on yoga with Pilates!

I was into yoga before I started Pilates so I guess you could say yoga was my first adult love, after dance. Yoga is for everyone, but many people who are naturally flexible (and often hyper mobile) are drawn to yoga because it gives us a sense of winning – we can already touch our […]

Lockdown Posture

I don’t know about you but I think my posture has seriously deteriorated over the last year. Lockdown has had so many implications and I think this is one that hasn’t been recognised fully yet.  I already spent too much time sitting at a desk before lockdown but since then my work has moved entirely […]

Musings on the welcome smell of sweat

I feel like I’ve missed a big chunk of exciting happenings on this blog! After all the build up and excitement and waiting over the past year (s) I’ve completely failed to announce that we were finally able to open our doors. My last blog update was lamenting the fact that we had not been given […]

The show must go on

I’ve been trying, with difficulty, to write this blog for a while. Cheggs read the first draft and his response was “that’s a bit depressing”… But in truth, I am feeling frustrated, deflated and unsure. It feels like we are the “forgotten industry”. The dance and fitness sector, in Scotland, has still not been able […]

Show yourself some kindness

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme this year is kindness. I’ve decided to explore the theme throughout this week at online classes. We have been doing the Loving Kindness (metta) meditation which begins with sending loving kindness to yourself first, and then to others. Tonight we spent the whole yoga flow sending loving […]

A new name for a new era

Last night we had a virtual brand launch for my new studio. The real doors-open-and-cut-the-ribbon launch has been postponed for obvious reasons but around 50 friends, family and customers joined me online for our virtual brand launch. [wpvideo 4ZlNGqBm] We got our gladrags on, counted down and I cut the ribbon to reveal my new […]

Business in the time of Corona

  You will be unsurprised to know that all building efforts have stopped for the foreseeable future – one day I was planning our launch events (we were due to open 11th April) and the next we were closed for business. Of all the things I thought might hold up finished building, a pandemic wasn’t […]