Yoga to start the day / Week


Begin with intention for the week / day ahead.  Move mindfully, wake up the body and build heat to start your morning.

Balance, Strength and Mobility

Holly Sandwickhill Studios Instructor

Join Holly to explore balance, strength and mobility in this functional movement class that pulls on current trends in mobility training as well as elements of yoga and Pilates. Holly will help you move mindfully to find optimal strength, mobility and movement patterns for your body. Create space in your body and mind!

March Matness Challenge


Every year Pilates lovers and learners from around the world take part in a global celebration of Pilates – one day and one movement at a time. March Matness was inspired by Joe Pilates’ famous quote: “in 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference and in 30 you’ll have a […]

Oh Baby! Barre

Oh Baby! Barre Sandwickhill Studios Class Highlights

Suitable for pre- and post-natal women. Join in with baby (please have a suitable baby carrier or sling) or take part at any stage of pregnancy /post-partum. This class incorporates lower body strengthening exercise carried out at the barre – working on glutes, legs, hips as well as posture, back and core strength. We’ll also […]

Buti Yoga


Buti ™ Yoga is a chance to create, let go, and sweat with intention. Step on the mat, break through those emotional and physical barriers and set yourself free. Fusing power yoga, with cardio-fuelled tribal movement and dance and body sculpting strength.

Feel Good Friday Flow


Nothing beats that Friday feeling! Especially when it’s hot! Hot yoga heaters set at 32-35 degrees. This class will help you download your week and get ready for the weekend. Switch your out-of-office on and roll out your mat. Expect a light-hearted, heat-building Vinyasa yoga class with Emma.

Good Morning Pilates


Start your day with mindful movement to leave you standing tall and feeling strong. Mat exercises to condition your entire body, blending strength and flexibility training to improve posture and create long, lean muscles. This deep core strengthening combined with mindful stretching, coordination, control and balance is what makes Pilates so unique. Modifications will be […]