Vinyasa (ish) Flow for Hip Mobility and Strength


This funky Vinyasa flow will take your body to new places and encourage you to move in new ways, with the aim of building hip strength and mobility. By the time you get to Pigeon can you feel the difference? Expect challenge, heat and deep relaxation.

Energy Stretch – Lower Back Love

A quickie stretch sequence to show your lower back some love! Perfect for when you’re feeling a little stiff or achey and need some healing movement. WARNING: This was filmed during building process and there is some annoying sound interference! If you can bare with it it’s a nice class and I might try to […]

New Moon Yoga Nidra

Let yourself be guided through a journey of sensation and join us in the studio for this very special Yoga Restore class. Yogic Nidra is the practice of yogic sleep that allows the body to completely relax, release, restore & rest. Every New Moon we are given the opportunity to tune into this wonderful energy […]

Radiate your Light – International Women’s Day Yoga workshop

Join Christine for an afternoon retreat of yoga, tea and women’s circle discussion. We’ll begin with an open discussion on how we are showing up in the world, asking how can we shine brighter and be truly seen and heard. Are you holding yourself back because of limiting beliefs? With a focus on the language […]

Full Moon Ceremony

Sandwickhill Studios On Demand Highlights

Christine offers some tips and ideas on how to celebrate the full moon, taking you through pranayama (breathwork) and a full moon meditation. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the energy of the full mooon: the perfect time to release what doesn’t serve you and set intentions moving forward. Bring a journal if you have […]

Yoga: When You Feel Low

Sandwickhill Studios On Demand Highlights

When your energy is low, and you’re feeling a bit heavy or overwhelmed, try this nurturing 30 minute class with Holly. Slow down, feel all the feelings and enjoy this warm hug of a class.

Yoga: When You Feel Stressed

Sandwickhill Studios On Demand Highlights

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, try this 30 minute class with Holly to get out of your head and into your body. This short practice, incorporating gentle movement and breath, is just the ticket.

Prepare for Sleep

Sandwickhill Studios On Demand Highlights

If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, try preparing for bed with this short and gentle practice. Starting with some pranayama (breath) Christine will lead you through a slow and restorative practice to help calm your nervous system, stretch out any tension and prepare for a nourishing and restful night’s sleep.