Yoga: Sun Salutations


Many yoga classes, especially those that are based in flow, incorporate Sun Salutations. It’s also a lovely and simple stand alone practice that can be modified to suit all levels. This class breaks down the sequence and offers different options for different bodies.

St Patrick’s Day Party

Sandwickhill Studios Kirstie and Family dance for st Patrick's Day

One of my favourite nights of the year – our annual St Patrick’s Day workout. Wear something green and make like Michael Flatley! Expect Irish floor fillers from Ed Sheeran and the Saw Doctors to Riverdance and B*Witched. Nobody throws a ceili like the Irish (apart from the Scots!)

Madonna Arms


Channel Madonna muscles with this weighted dance workout to the tunes from the class Immaculate Collection. Just try and stop yourself singing along! Using 1kg weights (or do it without)

Tall at the Wall


10 min posture hack! If you’ve been spending time at the desk or in one seated position, reset your posture with this short class focussed on standing tall and creating space in your body. Continue your day feeling (at least) an inch taller!

Anti-Desk Stretch


If you’ve been stuck at the desk for longer than necessary take a 10 min stretch break. Using your chair and a stretchy band / scarf (optional). Your body – and mind – will thank you for it!

Quickie on the Dancefloor…The Charleston

Sandwickhill Studios On Demand Highlights

Calling all Strictly fans! Do you love a bit of Charleston action but don’t know where to start? Here’s the class for you – 10 mins to flapper style moves. Change up your workout and have a boogie with Kirstie.

All Out 80s Aerobics

Sandwickhill Studios On Demand Highlights

Do you miss those high energy ’80s aerobics classes? Or, if you’re too young to remember, do you looked longingly at Jane Fonda memes wishing you’d lived through the leg warmer and leotard era? Now’s your chance. Big ’80s hits, bouncy dance fitness (low impact options) and all your fave grapevines, hamstring curls, and V-steps! […]

Yoga: When You Feel Low

Sandwickhill Studios On Demand Highlights

When your energy is low, and you’re feeling a bit heavy or overwhelmed, try this nurturing 30 minute class with Holly. Slow down, feel all the feelings and enjoy this warm hug of a class.