Summer Glow Class 1


A 30 minute class to get your ready to glow for summer. Using the affirmation : I can do hard things! Using strength, HIIT, and yoga mobility to build strength and overall fitness. Options available. I recommend putting on your fave energising tunes.  

Magic Circle Pilates for upper body


Using (an optional) magic circle to engage and incorporate the upper body throughout this intermediate mat flow. It’s ok to do without as well. Expect strong core and back work.

Vinyasa Flow for backbends


This backbend flow focuses on increasing and strengthening hip extension, rather than on bending from the lumber spine, creating space rather than compression in your low back.

Vinyasa (ish) Flow for Hip Mobility and Strength


This funky Vinyasa flow will take your body to new places and encourage you to move in new ways, with the aim of building hip strength and mobility. By the time you get to Pigeon can you feel the difference? Expect challenge, heat and deep relaxation.

Quick Crazy Dance Cardio

For those days when you feel like a slightly crazy challenge is in need to wake you up! Join dancer Sophie Morrison for a 5 min cardio blast with a quirky dance spin – ever tried a pirouette mid burpee? That kinda vibe… No dance experience necessary.

Feel Good Friday Flow


Nothing beats that Friday feeling! Especially when it’s hot! Hot yoga heaters set at 32-35 degrees. This class will help you download your week and get ready for the weekend. Switch your out-of-office on and roll out your mat. Expect a light-hearted, heat-building Vinyasa yoga class with Emma.