Balance, Strength and Mobility

Holly Sandwickhill Studios Instructor

Join Holly to explore balance, strength and mobility in this functional movement class that pulls on current trends in mobility training as well as elements of yoga and Pilates. Holly will help you move mindfully to find optimal strength, mobility and movement patterns for your body. Create space in your body and mind!

Functional Physio-led HIIT

Eleanor Mairi Smith

We know the benefits of HIIT but it can be hard on your body. Wake up & join Physiotherapist and PT Eleanor as she takes you through a high intensity workout with all the integrity of a slower work out. You’ll still get the workout but whilst keeping your body safe and strong. Modificiations available […]

Sweat it Out Saturday – Power up your weekend

Sandwickhill Studios On Demand Highlights

This class combines elements of all of Kirstie’s favourite classes and styles – combined in a one of a kind session to get your heart rate up, your muscles shaking and a smile (grimace?) on your face. Combining elements of power yoga, traditional fitness, circuits and HIIT, alongside low impact cardio and strength. Not for […]

The Full Irish – Zumba fundraiser 2021

Sandwickhill Studios Kirstie and Family dance for st Patrick's Day

All Irish songs – Galway Girl, Tommy K, Riverdance, Bwitched, and much more! With guest dancers (!) Cheggs and Sandy. Remember it’s just for fun. Join in if you’re game for a laugh. A wee reminder that our participants raised £1100 for Cancer Research with this event!

Zumba meets Riverdance

St Patricks Day message

All your around the world Zumba music with a Grand Finale of ‘Riverdance’ followed by the Corrs’ classic ‘Runaway’.

Zumba (with a few Irish tunes)


A full energy Zumba class featuring a few of your fave Irish tunes towards the end. Join me for ‘Tell me Ma’, the Saw Doctors and a glorious ending with ‘Runaway’ by The Corrs

Galentine’s Day Sweat it Out

Sandwickhill Studios On Demand Highlights

Galentine’s Day is a celebration of love – friendship that is, which we think is as important as anything else. This class soundtrack features your fave female artists with songs of friendship, empowered women and gal pals. Expect a hot and sweaty workout combining kickboxing, strength, cardio and power yoga.

Old School Aerobics


Do you miss the simplicity of those great aerobics classes. No frills: just cardio, conditioning and great tunes. This class throws it back with hits from the 1980s and your fave aerobic moves from that era. Let’s grapevine to the right in 5, 6, 7, 8!

All Out 80s Aerobics

Sandwickhill Studios On Demand Highlights

Do you miss those high energy ’80s aerobics classes? Or, if you’re too young to remember, do you looked longingly at Jane Fonda memes wishing you’d lived through the leg warmer and leotard era? Now’s your chance. Big ’80s hits, bouncy dance fitness (low impact options) and all your fave grapevines, hamstring curls, and V-steps! […]