Hi! I’m Kayleigh! I started dancing & cheering at the age of 3 & competing in national and international divisions right up until I was 26! I began my coaching career as a young teen and knew right away that this was what I wanted to do. I’ve taught kids & adults over the years […]


Anna Sandwickhill Studios Instructor

Anna Macmillan runs AM Health focussing on feel good fitness and food. She offers nutrition advice and information as well as body positive personal training.


Eleanor Sandwickhill Studios Instructor

“Hello! I’m Eleanor, I’m 24 and I’m from the Isle of Lewis. I’ve always loved all forms of sport and exercise and . I’m so passionate about encouraging EVERYONE to move in any way they can. I want to help make movement a priority and try to remove possible barriers because motion is the best […]

Anne Marie


“My own well-being practices of course include yoga and mindfulness but outside of that I love to exercise in all sorts of ways. I love walking my dogs, hikes, outdoor swimming, kayaking, the occasional run, lifting weights, climbing, dancing around my kitchen too and I’ve got a new found love of Zumba!’