Eleanor Sandwickhill Studios Instructor

“Hello! I’m Eleanor, I’m 24 and I’m from the Isle of Lewis. I’ve always loved all forms of sport and exercise and . I’m so passionate about encouraging EVERYONE to move in any way they can. I want to help make movement a priority and try to remove possible barriers because motion is the best […]


Holly Sandwickhill Studios Instructor

“Hi I’m Holly! I’m a mum to two very cool young humans (and several animals) and a mindfulness, meditation and yoga teacher. I’m a total geek for the nervous system and our amazing bodies and passionate about better well-being – all of my yoga classes incorporate mindfulness as well as movement. I really hope to […]


Sandwickhill Studios Kirstie Anderson

Kirstie is a movement facilitator – trained in Pilates, yoga and fitness, and with a background in dance. She brings these different elements together in all her classes. Having grown up with some fairly strict dance training, she loves to throw that out the window and all dancing these days is strictly for fun. “I […]