Sandwickhill Studios Instructor Eilidh

“Hey! I’m Eilidh. I’m a yoga teacher with a 9-5 office based job who loves dog walks, crafting and all things sci-fi. I’m not a naturally flexible person and I’ve been practising yoga for over 10years. I can honestly say you don’t need to be able to touch your toes to have a yoga practice! […]


Emma Yoga Sandwickhill Studios Instructor

“I’m Emma, and I love teaching yoga. The slow, gentle kind, as well as the fiery, dynamic kind! I teach Hatha Yoga, a gentle, flowing style incorporating nourishing, strengthening postures, dynamic sequences and mindful pranayama techniques. I am passionate that yoga is for everyone, no matter what their ability, body shape or experience, and love […]


Holly Sandwickhill Studios Instructor

“Hi I’m Holly! I’m a mum to two very cool young humans (and several animals) and a mindfulness, meditation and yoga teacher. I’m a total geek for the nervous system and our amazing bodies and passionate about better well-being – all of my yoga classes incorporate mindfulness as well as movement. I really hope to […]