“I’m Christine and I believe that yoga is for everybody and EVERY BODY. I invite you to come as you are, have fun and, together, we will journey towards finding a practice that feels great for you.

Yoga not only called to me as a physical practice but as a way to release, relax and connect with my inner self. In each class I include the physical asana practice as well as a long Savasana, or relaxation period, to allow people to experience deep rest and nourishment. My holistic approach includes guided meditation, body scans, affirmations and poetry as well as optional essential oils lovingly chosen to compliment each class theme.

For anyone who wants to try yoga but feels anxious that they need to be at a certain place physically… park that for now. Come along and try it for yourself. Speak to your yoga teacher about any your concerns and they will absolutely support you in this. Let go of any pressure, expectations and trust yourself.”