“Hey! I’m Eilidh. I’m a yoga teacher with a 9-5 office based job who loves dog walks, crafting and all things sci-fi. I’m not a naturally flexible person and I’ve been practising yoga for over 10years. I can honestly say you don’t need to be able to touch your toes to have a yoga practice!

I initially started to stretch out my tired, achy muscles after running and thought maybe I’d get a little more flexible. I found even forward folds challenging at the start and initially stuck with yoga out of stubbornness! Nowadays my practice looks different and has grown over time. One day it can be a long, flowing sequence and others, lying on my mat and trying to give myself some space. I’ve come to realise it doesn’t necessarily matter why you start yoga in the first place, it’s about what you learn if you keep with it. Yoga isn’t about being bendy and the great thing is, it can meet you where you are.

My classes probably won’t involve a lot of Sanskrit so can be perfect if you feel like a yoga newbie who doesn’t know uttanasana from utkatasana. We will breathe, move and then chill at the end. I love movement and don’t be surprised if there are some sneaky drills that maybe don’t look like yoga peppered into my classes.”