Hot yoga covers a myriad of styles, from dynamic vinyasa to power yoga to yin – but the one thing they all have in common is that they take place in a heated room. Our studio uses infrared panels to provide an even heat – 30 to 39 degrees for hot yoga, and around 24 – 27 for warm classes.

Coming into a heated room is a treat during Hebridean winters when the weather is often wild. Not only that but the heat helps you focus and find clarity, anchoring you in each breath. You’ll feel more flexible (so be careful not to overstretch) which can feel great on tight bodies. You’ll sweat more (this isn’t the same as detoxing despite claims to the contrary – your liver and kidneys do that) so stay stay hydrated and drink plenty water.

Hot yoga may feel more intense so listen to your body, stay connected to your breath and enjoy a different type of class.