Pilates is largely known for strengthening the core and helping prevent backpain, however it does much more than that. Through small and controlled movements on the mat, we work the body as a whole, which can lead to better mobility, alignment, posture and strength. We work with the breath, and also with the mind – developing focus and concentration, balancing effort and ease. This combination of body and mind not only leads to feeling stronger and more mobile, but also helps you feel more clear headed and less stressed.

Pilates has something to offer all bodies – no matter what stage in life. It’s great cross training for athletes and sports people, helping prevent injuries and improve your game / sport. It’s also brilliant for re-connecting with your body – whether you’ve had a break from exercise, are recovering from injury or adjusting after pregnancy.

Our classes are based on the Classical Pilates system designed by Joseph Pilates, and stays true to this original teaching. We offer a variety of levels to meet your needs – using props such as weights to challenge and support. Modifications are offered throughout.